16 August 2018

On location with gouache , July 8, #3 and #4

My third and fourth studies from July 8

Gouache on Saunders Waterford 140 lb NOT paper

14 August 2018

10 August 2018

Gouache Painting Supplies PDF

    What is your color palette? How do you store your gouache? How do you keep your gouache moist? What kind of brushes do you use?

  These are some of the questions I get asked almost every day. So to make it easier to share this information with those of you who are interested in gouache I decided to combine all my answers to the questions I get on a regular basis in one place. I have created a 20 page PDF in which I am covering all my painting equipment in detail. You can get the PDF by the link below. I hope you find the information helpful. 




09 August 2018

On location with Gouache, July 7 and 8

Something very special has been happening to me this summer. 
I think I completely fell in love with gouache. 
 Gouache, July 8
Gouache, July 8 #1

20 July 2018

En Plein Air with Goauche Demo Video

This is a frame from my recent video tutorial in which I am painting on the beach and explaining my approach to plein air painting and why these little studies are so important to do.

06 July 2018


This years cherries painted in sunlight.

Gouache in Moleskine watercolor album. 

03 July 2018

On Holiday

"On Holiday"
Gouache on 140 lb watercolor paper
7.5 x 9.5 inches
Available on Etsy 


30 June 2018

En plein air at the beach

Last weekend´s plein air at the misty beach ⛅️ With gouache.

The pochade box / easel: https://amzn.to/2N8UXey
The palette box for gouache: https://amzn.to/2GYlcox

28 June 2018

15 June 2018

Yellow Daisies

Yellow daisies from my garden. I painted them from life. Chasing sunlight while painting with gouache isn't an easy task I must say! 

 Gouache on board, 6x8 in. 
Available at lenarivo.etsy.com

14 May 2018

Summer in Algarve - new Painting, new Print and new Video!

"Summer in Algarve", acrylics on paper.
Available as an archival print on Etsy

This is a close up of the print:

And the DEMO: 


25 April 2018

New palette box for my favorite goauche!

I have just filled this tiny brand new palette box with some fresh gouache. Excited!

Unlike my old palette this one is supposed to be really airtight. If you need one you can get it here US: https://amzn.to/2HpnvB8 UK: https://amzn.to/2HqUODT

The colors in this box are: Cadmium Yellow Lemon (WN), Cadmium Yellow (WN), Marigold Yellow (WN), Cadmium Scarlet (WN), Geranium (Holbein), Permanent Alizarin Crimson (WN), Primary Magenta (Holbein), Winsor Violet (WN), Ultramarine Deep (Holbein), Colbalt Blue (Holbein), Phthalo Blue (WN), Prussian Blue (Holbein), Cyprus Green (WN), Cobalt Turquoise (Holbein, but I love WNs too), Permanent Green Deep (WN), Emerald Green (Holbein), Sap Green (WN), Permanent Green Light (WN), Yellow Ochre (WN), Burn Umber (WN), Primary Black (Holbein), Red Ochre (WN), Perylene Violet. Permanent White I put directly on my mixing palette. The links are affiliate links.

02 April 2018

Winter Orchids

"Winter Orchids"
oil on linen, 11.8 x 11.8 in
Available on Etsy

Process video can be seen here  


09 March 2018

27 February 2018

September Sun

Trying out my awesome recently purchased set of professional acrylics. I painted this picture from a photo taken last September (using some plein air studies for colors reference). Hence the title :) September is magical here in Portugal. The sun is warm and so soft.

Acrylic on linen board.

Process video can be seen here


And some details:

12 February 2018

Flowers in Sunlight

One of my favorite subjects to paint!
Sunlit flowers on my kitchen table.

"Flowers in Sunlight"
Gouache on Saunders Waterford paper. 
Giclée prints are available on my website lenarivo.com

25 January 2018

New Fine Art Prints!!!

I finally got some archival quality giclée prints of my gouache originals printed on genuine acid free fine art paper (310 gsm) with pigment based fade resistant inks. These are the first prints I have ever made and I am absolutely amazed by how strikingly similar to the originals they look! 

The prints are now available in different sizes at my online store: https://lenarivo.com/

Available at  https://lenarivo.com/

23 January 2018

Fist cherries (of last summer :)

I have just found this gouache painting in a sketchbook from last summer. Our neighbor had brought these cherries for us and I painted them in the backyard under the white Portuguese sun 🍒☀️

 Visit me here: https://lenarivo.com/