27 April 2015

Geranium in Sunlight - April 21, 2015

8 x 8 in / 20 x 20 cm
Oil on linen canvas board


  1. Gorgeous color, and once again, your shadows are amazing! Congrats. You are getting a lot of milage out of this geranium! I love it. :)

    1. Thank you, dear Blaine! In my shadows I usually try to combine warm and cool colors, and give them a specific color identity. They should lean toward specific hues.. When the light is strong there are many beautiful reflexes bouncing in shadows. I just try to see them as subtle color changes and put their colors in a painting without breaking tonal relationships. But when the light is subtle, indirect or diffused, like in my previous painting, local colors of objects start dominate, while the shadows become grayer and more neutral, but still having a specific color in each area.